Signia Group Ag

About us

As one of Switzerland’s premier holding companies, the Signia Group AG has dedicated itself to offering industry leading financial, digital and property services and technologies to help you navigate the world in front of you. By combining swiss-born attention to detail and quality with a relentless quest for industry excellence, Signia Group offers a wide variety of industry-leading services to those who seek a reliable and focused business partner.



To use the latest technologies and financial services to provide comprehensive and reliable products. Therefore, allowing us to lower costs to society as a whole.



To offer customers all-encompassing financial, digital technology and property expertise as well as investment advice with the highest standards of Swiss excellence.



To apply industry disruptive models in the environment of Swiss stability and reliability are the primary factors for making our vision a reality.








The Group

As an independent asset management firm located in Zurich, Switzerland, Signia provides investors with personalised financial and investment advisory services across a host of rapidly growing sectors.

With a wealth of talented, knowledgeable individuals, signia properties AG holds, manages, develops and rents properties all around the globe. The company offers a comprehensive range of development and management services with the aim to increase the value of each investment.

As a technology company on the cutting-edge of the digital frontier, Signia Digital AG offers the industry know-how to develop, operate and manage high-security data centres anywhere in the world. Answering the global need to optimize performance an improve IT equipment and capabilities, the company offers new generation digital centres and cloud computing.